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"The Future of Natural Body Care"  
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"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live." 
-Jim Rohn


We at Personal Care have been looking for years for body care products that would not pollute our bodies, smelled great, worked well and were cost effective. We finally realized our search was pretty much a daydream... until we made it a reality. Our journey into natural body care first began when we formulated our CLEAN & FRESH DEODORANT, one of the only deodorants that meets the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care standards.

checkmark Safe and truly natural non-toxic ingredients.
checkmark Premium fragrance - The "natural" deodorant offerings have been pretty lame when it comes to scent. Some of us are not wishing to smell like Lavender or Tea Tree oil. We prefer something much better along the lines of the complex premium formulations offered from Calvin Klein, Nautica, Ralph Lauren etc. But we don't want the harmful chemicals that come in the department store sticks.
checkmark 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils compose our fragrance. Most of them have been included not only for their contribution to the final fragrance but also because they fight odor causing bacteria naturally, the way God made them to.
checkmark No known skin irritants. We have intentionally made sure that nothing went into our formula that was a known skin irritant. We at Personal Care have all had dermititis (skin rash) from both the commercial and "natural" deodorants we've used. We won't put these ingredients into our formulas.


Articles about our amazing skin, avoiding harmful ingredients, and more...

Our Customers Write...
"I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your new shaving product. The shaving oil has been amazing! I followed the simple instructions and the results were great! I have sensitive skin and while using the shaving oil I have had no razor burn and my face and skin feel great! I have already recommended this product to many of my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for such a wonderful product!"
              E.R. - Loveland, CO

"Just wanted you to know, my husband and I really enjoy your deodorant. It smells great, goes on smooth, and works well. We thank you for providing us with a truly "natural" product. We appreciate your accurate description of the various ingredients in your product and others. "
              - K.R., Loveland, CO

"Great and awesome! Love it!"
              - D.T., Wellington, CO

“Clean & Fresh works for me better than any other deodorant I have used.  It doesn’t hurt my skin like another so-called natural deodorant I used did.” 
              - R. J., LaPorte, CO      

“I like that it is made from natural ingredients and nothing that is bad for me. Also, I love the smell.”
              - B.B., Wellington, CO

"Other 'natural' deodorants caused my skin to breakout. Clean & Fresh has healed the skin under my arms. It fights odor and works great for me."
              - C. J., Fort Collins, CO