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"The greatest sense in our body is the touch sense.  We feel, we love and hate, are touchy and are touched, through the touch corpuscles of our skin."
  -J. Lionel Taylor


Does your deodorant prevent people from sweating?
No, our deodorant is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are designed to stop you from sweating. Most antiperspirants contain Aluminum salts that clog your pores so you don't sweat. We believe that this is unnatural and unhealthy as it prevents your skin from performing all the functions it was designed to do.

Your deodorant doesn't seem to work for me? Why?
It is entirely possibly that you aren't putting enough on. If you are having problems with all-day coverage put more strokes on until you find the amount that works for you. Everyone's needs are different; some may need only 3 strokes while others may need 8.

Does your deodorant irritate the skin?
We have intentionally used only ingredients that will not cause the delicate skin under your arm to be irritated. Propylene Glycol, found in most deodorants, is a skin irritant and may cause dermatitis (redness and rashes). Rather than irritate the skin, our base of pure coconut oil, white beeswax and pure vegetable esters are skin emollients which do the opposite of causing dermatitis. They soften, smooth and correct dry skin. Additionally, zinc oxide has been used for decades to help heal skin that is irritated with rash (remember Desitin put on most babies bottoms to heal their diaper rash? - zinc oxide is the primary ingredient).

Just as important we have been careful in our essential oil fragrance to choose the oils that will fight odor causing bacteria without irritating the skin. The commonly used ingredients baking soda and lemon citrus essential oil, for instance, are great deodorizers but are also skin irritants. Since we at Personal Care have suffered with these rashes from different deodorants on the market including many "natural" ones, like many of you, we formulated ours to avoid this. We can't guarantee you won't have any skin irritations with our product but we have yet to see Clean & Fresh be the source of skin irritation.

If you have other questions, please email us through our contact page.